The Warrior-Scholar Project

Misha Pemble-Belkin, who twice served in Afghanistan and was featured in the Academy Award-nominated documentary "Restrepo," studies in the Saybrook College library.
Jesse Reising '11, who was disqualified from military service due to a football injury, co-founded the Warrior-Scholar Project — and its umbrella non-profit, Operation Opportunity — to ensure access to education for veterans or the children of fallen service members.
Warrior-Scholar Project co-founder Christopher Howell, who served in the Australian Army and is now an undergraduate in Yale's Eli Whitney Program for non-traditional students, led some of the daily reading and writing workshops.
David Howell (left), who created a curriculum to help his brother prepare for college, works with Curtis Langer, who served for four years in the Air Force.
Yale historian Donald Kagan (background) led a morning workshop aimed at helping the warrior-scholars become critical readers.
Christopher Howell leads a session in the Saybrook College library.
Yale lecturer in English Barbara Stuart works with veteran Freddie Reed.
Members of Yale's football team took part in a pick-up flag football game with the warrior-scholars.
Jeff Brenzel, dean of admissions for Yale College and master of Timothy Dwight College, shared information on the college admissions process and college life.
Yale history professor Adam Tooze has a classroom chat with Onyeka Udeinya and Misha Pemble-Belkin.
Yale historian John Gaddis in the classroom.
Steve Lewis, an Army veteran who served in the first Gulf War and will study literature and history at a college in Ohio, works on a writing assignment.
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The Warrior-Scholar Project, which was co-founded by recent Yale alumni and a current Yale student to help war veterans transition to college, made its debut on campus in early June with the support of faculty and staff volunteers.
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