Social Sciences

Assessing the healthcare debate, with Jacob Hacker

July 26, 2017

The healthcare policy expert talks about the current debate in Congress over healthcare reform and his ideas for improving the nation’s healthcare system.

Cowles director Larry Samuelson on promoting innovative economics

July 24, 2017

Issues such as climate change, globalization, health care, and more are the center of current research in economics, at the Cowles Foundation.

Yale leads investigation of how to build effective police organizations

July 21, 2017

A research collaboration between Yale SOM and Mexican organizations will study how to create effective police departments in Mexico.

Kate Baldwin appointed the Strauss Assistant Professor of Political Science

July 19, 2017

Kate Baldwin was recently named as the Peter Strauss Family Assistant Professor of Political Science.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Russia meeting may have been legal. But that’s a low bar.

July 12, 2017

The revelation that Donald Trump Jr. met with a Russian lawyer to obtain incriminating information about Hillary Clinton has sparked another round of...

Marco Rubio is tweeting the most Republican part of the Bible

July 10, 2017

Since May 16 Senator Marco Rubio has tweeted a biblical verse almost every day. Almost all of them come from the Old Testament, and specifically the book of...

The biggest North Korea threat of them all — a hydrogen bomb

July 6, 2017

With its enormous killing radius, a hydrogen bomb turns what is today a dangerous nuclear threat from North Korea into the powder keg of Northeast Asia.

The YDS sisterhood of the traveling packet

July 6, 2017

In May 1997, six female students at Yale Divinity School created a pact that led to a 20-year bond, enacted through a continuing chain of letters. The...

Why I'll graduate from Yale but owe it to community college

June 27, 2017

Community college gave me the means to help at home, while pursuing a degree. Community college allowed me to work three jobs, while finishing my general...

What we are teaching black children

June 23, 2017

Writing in The New York Times, Chris Lebron, assistant professor of philosophy, discusses what young black Americans are learning "in the process of...