Social Sciences


How to rescue retirement

June 7, 2018

Jacob S. Hacker on a bold plan for a transformed private retirement system that would actually provide financial security to older Americans.

Gregory Huber appointed the Forst Family Professor of Political Science

June 6, 2018

Gregory A. Huber, newly named as the Forst Family Professor of Political Science, focuses his research on American politics.

Yale study tracks Title IX use across U.S. colleges and universities

June 1, 2018

The first of its kind, a new Yale study has found that Title IX has been mobilized in response to different issues — and increasingly frequently — over time.

SOM Insights: Marissa King on the cost of loneliness

May 23, 2018

King, an expert on social networks, discusses the impact of loneliness in the workplace.

Alumna’s podcast provides context to Israeli-Palestinian conflict

May 16, 2018

Skyler Inman’s new podcast ‘Intractable’ aims to offer American audiences a balanced, multi-faceted, and contextual look at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This column will probably change your mind

May 14, 2018

In a peer-reviewed study, we found not only can op-eds change the minds among general readers, but also among Washington policy professionals as well.

We may be underestimating effects of economic growth on climate change

May 14, 2018

As economies grow, consumption increases — a fact that is under-considered in climate projections, a new study argues.

Senior arrived as Air Force vet and graduates a Gates-Cambridge Scholar

May 14, 2018

Rob Henderson ’18 reflects on a lifetime of obstacles and opportunities that have led him from a foster home in California to Europe, Yale, and beyond.

Anthropologist Aimee Cox wins Malkiel Scholarship for work on ‘slow death’

May 7, 2018

A scholar of African American cultural anthropology, Cox has been named a Nancy Weiss Malkiel Scholar by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation.

Nature by Design: The Practice of Biophilic Design

May 1, 2018

Stephen R. Kellert (1943-2016), the Tweedy Ordway Professor Emeritus of Social Ecology (Yale University Press)