Social Sciences


Martin Shubik, furthered understanding of game theory

August 31, 2018

Martin Shubik, who died on Aug. 22, having served at Yale since 1963, was SOM's Seymour H. Knox Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Institutional...

Do-gooders don’t do so good when it comes to dates

August 23, 2018

People admire those who build homes or donate to charities for the poor — but a new study says they don’t necessarily want them as friends or romantic partners.

Robots help children with autism improve social skills

August 22, 2018

In a Yale study, robot-guided activities helped children with Autism Spectrum Disorder improve performance in social skills such as emotional understanding.

Yale sociologist receives prestigious award for his body of work

August 21, 2018

A pioneer in the field of cultural sociology, professor Jeffrey Alexander has been honored with the Distinguished Contribution to Sociological Theory Award.

Why male is our default gender

August 14, 2018

Our own cognitive systems, which tend to make male our default gender, may reinforce social assumptions of maleness, according to a trio of Yale researchers.

Four faculty members appointed to endowed professorships

August 6, 2018

Four faculty members — Ardis Butterfield, Grace Kao, Robert Stepto, and Harrison Zhou — have been appointed to endowed professorships.

Grace Kao appointed the IBM Professor of Sociology

August 6, 2018

Kao is a quantitative sociologist who studies race, ethnicity, and immigration as they collectively relate to education and relationships among young people.

Assessing cryptocurrency with Yale economist Aleh Tsyvinski

August 6, 2018

In a new study, economist Aleh Tsyvinski and co-author Yukun Liu provide the first-ever comprehensive economic analysis of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

SOM Insights: How can philanthropy do more good?

July 30, 2018

Aaron Dorfman of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy argues that foundations need to re-think their strategies and tactics.

Yale political theorist advises French lawmakers on inclusive democracy

July 24, 2018

On July 4, Yale political scientist Hélène Landemore delivered a keynote address to the French National Assembly urging a more inclusive form of democracy.