Social Sciences


A loan program can help close the green-building gap

July 17, 2024

A new Yale co-authored study assesses a lending program that puts climate resiliency upgrades within reach of financially constrained homeowners.

The perils of personalized pricing

July 15, 2024

A new study co-authored by Yale School of Management’s Jidong Zhou investigates whether customized prices result in higher or lower costs for consumers.

Yale co-hosts program in rural Sichuan to explore health interconnections

July 12, 2024

The recent ‘One Health’ Economics Summer Program, co-hosted by Peking University, emphasized the connections among human, animal, and environmental health.

PODCAST: Developing ‘a shared vision’ of inequality in Latin America

July 10, 2024

Yale political economist Ana de la O joins Marcela Eslava and Santiago Levy to discuss how research can help Latin American policymakers combat inequality.

Conference gathers economists, computer scientists to advance research

July 10, 2024

Hundreds of experts are visiting Yale this week to explore the frontiers of research in areas like market design, machine learning, and information design.

The power of positively energizing leadership

July 8, 2024

In an excerpt from her new book, Yale SOM’s Emma Seppälä explains how to become a productivity-inspiring colleague with “positive relational energy.”

Sharing insights to reduce gender gaps in African labor markets

July 3, 2024

A June 13 event co-hosted by Yale in Accra, Ghana, explored research-based directions for improving women’s economic and social participation in the region.

Doing what you love doesn’t always pay for women

July 3, 2024

New research from Yale’s Adriana Germano shows how the seemingly gender-neutral advice to “follow your passions” helps explain the gender gap in STEM fields.

Baltic scholars and leaders express solidarity at Yale

July 2, 2024

In June, Yale hosted hundreds of participants for a conference on Baltic history, culture, and pressing contemporary issues in the region.

Yale conference examines how to gauge voter issue preferences

June 28, 2024

Earlier this month, political scientists gathered on campus to explore what the latest research can tell us about public preference and its effects on voting.