Social Sciences


At Cowles Foundation, new director forges new paths

October 20, 2020

Newly appointed as the first woman director of Yale’s Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics, Marina Halac talks about her work and her vision for the job.

Spike in mail-in voting, health concerns portend a messy Election Day

October 19, 2020

Yale political scientist Gregory Huber discusses public sentiment about voting in the upcoming election, and how he expects Nov. 3 to play out.

Can we protect our election from the bots?

October 18, 2020

A Q&A with Prof. Tauhid Zaman who has done a series of studies identifying bot networks and assessing their impact.

Digital giants don’t need your data to predict your behavior

October 15, 2020

Information about your social sphere and the kinds of people in your network is just as valuable as individualized personal data, argues Yale’s Dirk Bergemann.

How is the airline industry adapting to COVID-19?

October 8, 2020

With up to 30,000 jobs projected to be lost in the coming weeks, Yale’s Kevin Williams discusses the economics of air travel and how the industry can survive.

Neurobiology of conversation: Brain activity depends on who you talk to

October 5, 2020

Our brains respond differently when talking to a person from a different socioeconomic group than during a conversation with someone of a similar background.

Yale experts explain environmental justice

October 1, 2020

Dorceta Taylor and Gerald Torres talk about the link between social justice and environmental health, and how we cannot move forward without addressing both.

How Marsha Goldfarb established a place for women in economics at Yale

September 28, 2020

Goldfarb, the first female economics professor in university history, said her time at Yale was “a mixed bag of insecurity, stress, and delight.”

‘Firsts and Founders’ series profiles women in Faculty of Arts and Sciences

September 23, 2020

Notable women faculty — past and present — are highlighted in this series, initiated in recognition of the 50WomenAtYale150 celebrations.

Rodrigo Canales on the role of institutional change in rethinking police

September 22, 2020

Effective police reform, says SOM’s Canales, begins with shifting the focus from deterring crime to helping the whole community feel safe.