Science & Technology


International Festival of Arts & Ideas goes quantum at Yale

June 14, 2018

As part of this year’s Arts & Ideas festival, the Yale Quantum Institute hosted “I’ll Be Your Qubit,” a discussion and interactive art installation.

New platform will help create designer human proteins in the lab

June 13, 2018

A synthetic biology technique, developed by a team including Yale researchers, could help to understand the formation of diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s.

New laser makes silicon ‘sing’

June 7, 2018

Yale scientists have created a new type of silicon laser that uses sound waves to amplify light. A study about the discovery appears in the journal Science.

How germs thrive on school desks

June 6, 2018

Looking at the microbial communities that grow on students’ desks, a team of researchers found that they overwhelmingly came from the kids sitting at the desks.

Bacterial balancing act: Preserving diversity while on the move

June 5, 2018

Yale researchers have discovered a mechanism that allows colonies of E. coli to preserve individual differences, yet move in concert over large distances.

Students develop tool that helps military assess security force assistance

June 1, 2018

The tool, developed by Yale graduate students as part of a class taught by the Jackson Institute’s Clare Lockhart, was presented to a U.S. military team in May.

Where the brain processes spiritual experiences

May 29, 2018

Yale scientists have identified a possible neurobiological home for the spiritual experience — the sense of connection to something greater than oneself.

Yale team awarded for soft robot that can carry its own power supply

May 25, 2018

Professor Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio and her team received recognition at an international conference for a soft robot that can lift 200 times its own weight.

Study examines the rise of plaque in arteries

May 25, 2018

A new Yale study looks at how arterial plaque forms at a molecular level, and may help produce targeted treatments for heart disease and stroke prevention.

‘Ladies First’ exhibit at Peabody spotlights women in STEM

May 24, 2018

The exhibit, which highlights two dozen pioneering female doctors, scientists, and engineers, was curated by the Peabody’s EVOLUTIONS Afterschool Program