Science & Technology


Why take YData? Because data science shouldn’t be a ‘black box’

December 10, 2018

YData, a new introductory-level lecture course co-taught by Professors Jessi Cisewski and John Lafferty, will aim to “demystify” data science for students.

Engineering a championship

December 7, 2018

Yale's lacrosse team is now the best in the nation. The Center for Engineering Innovation & Design has something to do with that.

A world of information at the Yale Day of Data

December 6, 2018

Keynote speaker William Michener and Yale researchers from across disciplines gathered on Nov. 30 to discuss the role of data in their research.

COSINE-100 experiment investigates dark matter mystery

December 5, 2018

Yale scientists are among 50 who are part of a new international experiment that challenges previous claims about the detection of non-luminous dark matter.

Schiffer announces next steps in advancing key science priorities at Yale

December 4, 2018

The announcement follows President Peter Salovey’s response last week to recommendations from the University Science Strategy Committee.

Mountain splendor? Scientists know where your eyes will look

December 4, 2018

Using brain measurements, researchers have predicted how people’s eyes move when viewing natural scenes, an advance in understanding the human visual system.

Building safer, healthier athletes

December 3, 2018

Thanks to a new class at the Center for Engineering Innovation & Design, students are tackling the hazards of sports.

Science journalist Margonelli to discuss ‘Small Termites and Big Ideas’

December 3, 2018

Science journalist Lisa Margonelli will come to Yale on Thursday, Dec. 6 to talk about her new book, “Underbug: An Obsessive Tale of Termites and Technology.”

Yale scientists make a borophene breakthrough

December 3, 2018

A flake just one atom thick has provided scientists at Yale with new insight into a promising material for the next generation of high-speed electronics.

In death, Lonesome George reveals why giant tortoises live so long

December 3, 2018

Genetic analysis of Galapagos tortoises like Lonesome George has found they possessed gene variants linked to DNA repair, immunity, and cancer suppression.