Science & Technology


A COVID vaccine (and potentially more) with nanoparticles, no shot needed

August 17, 2023

A team of researchers has developed an inhalable mRNA vaccine that successfully protects against the COVID virus. It also opens the door to other therapeutics.

AI detects systolic heart failure from wearable devices

August 16, 2023

A team of Yale researchers has developed an AI model that can use electrocardiograms obtained by wearable tech to detect a silent but deadly heart condition.

Study shows promise of immunotherapy treatment for penile cancer

August 15, 2023

Yale researchers finds that the use of immune checkpoint inhibitors could expand limited treatment options for some patients with a rare form of penile cancer.

Ratings systems amplify racial bias on gig-economy platforms

August 15, 2023

Platforms can spread the effects of racial discrimination by displaying biased user ratings to those who otherwise not discriminate, a new Yale study finds.

Quantum theory and you: Collection traces evolution of computing power

August 9, 2023

Yale Library’s 2023-2024 Model Research Collection considers the “quantum leaps” that have occurred in our ability to process information.

Study identifies new way to classify HPV-associated head and neck cancers

August 9, 2023

Researchers identified a novel subclass of head and neck cancer associated with the disease, and demonstrated that treatment could be tailored by tumor type.

Yale research aims to advance ethnic diversity in digital animation

August 4, 2023

Three new papers by Yale computer scientist Theodore Kim and his graduate students describe new mathematical techniques to better depict tightly curled hair.

Study reveals vulnerability in lung cancers resistant to targeted therapies

August 4, 2023

A new study uncovers the pivotal role of a protein in the mechanisms of resistance to standard-of-care targeted therapies for lung cancers.

Yale joins NOAA, NASA for comprehensive air quality research campaign

August 4, 2023

Yale’s Drew Gentner will lead ground measurement sites in New York and Connecticut to investigate how air pollution sources have shifted over recent decades.

Yale’s Herzon wins inaugural award for chemistry research

August 3, 2023

Yale chemist Seth Herzon is the winner of the A.V. Rama Rao Award for his organic and bioorganic chemistry research.