Science & Technology

Hundred-year-old brains still have stories to tell

November 13, 2017

The Cushing Center's 500 specimen jars of patients’ brains offers a testament to Yale's preservation of medical and scientific innovation.

Cellular clean-up can also sweep away forms of cancer

November 9, 2017

Two new research papers reinforce the benefits of a novel therapy that hijacks the cell’s own protein degradation machinery to destroy cancer cells.

Graduate students lead world's only student-run scientific journal

November 8, 2017

Two graduate students — Helen Beilinson and Yasmin Zakiniaeiz — are the editors of the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine.

Yoram Alhassid apppointed the Frederick Phineas Rose Professor of Physics

November 8, 2017

Yoram Alhassid is a renowned theoretical physicist who leads a broad research program focused on correlated quantum many-body systems.

Dr. Jaime Grutzendler named the Zimmerman/Spinelli Professor

November 8, 2017

Dr. Jaime Grutzendler focuses his research on elucidating mechanisms of neuronal-glial interactions in the normal and diseased brain.

Dr. Francis Lee is designated the Southwick Professor

November 8, 2017

Dr. Francis Y. Lee is an orthopaedic surgeon in active clinical practice and a research scientist.

An undergraduate’s rescue ‘mission’ earns her the AF-ROTC Gold Valor Award

November 7, 2017

For her heroic act this summer saving five lives, AF-ROTC cadet Amanda Lloyd ’20 will receive the Gold Valor Award at Yale's Veterans Day ceremony.

Glassblowing at Yale: where art meets science

November 6, 2017

Yale's senior scientific glassblower Daryl Smith contributes to patient care, building and creating equipment essential to research.

Three faculty members appointed to endowed chairs

November 6, 2017

Three Yale faculty members — Yoram Alhassid, Dr. Jaime Grutzendler, and Dr. Francis Lee — were appointed to endowed professorships.

CSSSI renovation adds study space on Science Hill

November 3, 2017

A recent renovation at Yale's Center for Science and Social Science Information provides students with a serene spot to read, think, and complete their...