Science & Technology

Conference to explore what data science can reveal about the world

October 17, 2017

The conference will examine a range of topics related to computational data analysis, from how languages spread to ways of improving the value of crowdsourcing.

Eyes of the dingo provide insight into how dogs became our companions

October 17, 2017

New Yale research suggests that the history of the Australian dingo can help fill out the evolutionary history of the connection between humans and dogs.

Navon wins 2017 Packard Fellowship for research on turbulence

October 17, 2017

Yale physicist Nir Navon will receive $875,000 to fund his research into turbulence — one of the most mysterious phenomena in nature.

2017 Gruber Cosmology Conference honored Sandra Faber

October 16, 2017

The Gruber Foundation and the Departments of Astronomy and Physics presented the 2017 Gruber Cosmology Conference on Oct. 13.

Yale researchers enhancing solar power with ‘jewels of the sea’

October 16, 2017

Yale researchers are using diatoms, a kind of algae, to solve a design problem in the development of organic solar cells.

Key to expanding genetic code described by Yale scientists

October 16, 2017

Yale scientists have described the atomic structure of a protein that is the key tool in efforts by synthetic biologists to expand the genetic code.

Yale’s Amy Arnsten elected to National Academy of Medicine

October 16, 2017

The Yale neuroscientist discovered the molecular mechanisms that govern activity in the brain’s highest-order circuits.

Yale discovery indicates potential for new types of cancer drugs

October 12, 2017

Yale Cancer Center scientists have made a fundamental discovery about EGFR signaling that may open the potential for new types of cancer drugs.

A better understanding of space — via helicopter

October 12, 2017

Yale researchers have created a new model for understanding how black holes, planets, and galaxies emerge from the vortex-rich environments of space.

Yale trustee Kevin Ryan on ‘careers, life, and Yale’

October 11, 2017

Kevin Ryan, a member of the Yale Corporation, discusses his career at an alumni workshop for Yale students.