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Edit-a-thon aims to put more Yale women on Wikipedia

June 26, 2019

Only 17% of the biographies on Wikipedia are of women and about 90% of editors are men. The Yale Women Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on July 9 aims to help change that.

Crosstalk between cells allows Listeria bacteria to hijack immune system

June 26, 2019

Yale investigators have described how the Listeria pathogen manipulates the immune system to promote its own survival.

Scientists take big step towards producing novel polymers in living cells

June 26, 2019

Yale chemists are one step closer to using the ribosome — the cell’s protein-making factory — to create designer polymers, including better materials and drugs.

Yale scientists discover molecular key to how cancer spreads

June 26, 2019

Combining experimental analysis and clinical data, Yale researchers have discovered a mechanism in cancer’s spread that could help develop new drug treatments.

How the brain helps us make good decisions — and bad ones

June 25, 2019

Distinct circuits connecting to different brain regions are involved in making decisions and determining which choices to store in memory, a new study shows.

The secret of autobiographical memory is in assembly of cells

June 25, 2019

Yale research suggests that the size and shape of neuronal assemblies are the most crucial elements in our ability to record episodic memories.

Study explores role of metabolism in immune cell behavior

June 21, 2019

New Yale research has uncovered a previously unrecognized process involving the metabolism of mitochondria and immune cell biology.

A bacterial remnant may explain arthritis in Lyme patients

June 21, 2019

New Yale research offers insight into why some Lyme disease patients continue to suffer from debilitating arthritis even after antibiotic treatment.

Hue times two: a second look at the color of dinosaur eggs

June 21, 2019

New research by Yale paleontologist Jasmina Wiemann confirms: The evolutionary root of modern bird egg coloring can be found in eumaniraptoran dinosaurs.

SOM Insights: Professor Vineet Kumar on Facebook’s move into cryptocurrency

June 20, 2019

Kumar discusses Facebook’s newly announced “Libra” cryptocurrency, what it means for the company, and for the future of blockchain technology.