Science & Technology


Researchers create organoid of a brain region to study cognitive disorders

February 21, 2019

Yale researchers have created model thalamuses to study diseases like epilepsy, autism spectrum disorder, schizophrenia and depression.

Students create climate change experiences at Mixed Reality Hackathon

February 20, 2019

The two day hackathon, held at the Center for Collaborative Arts & Media, focused on how to effectively communicate climate change data with virtual...

Yale faculty honored by Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering

February 20, 2019

Thirteen Yale faculty members are among the 24 new members announced by the academy on Feb. 20. They will be introduced May 28 at the academy’s annual dinner.

The physics of Jackson Pollock and Helen Frankenthaler

February 20, 2019

At the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation and Design, a workshop explored how the physical properties of paint can influence the art it creates.

Yale faculty members awarded prestigious 2019 Sloan Research Fellowships

February 19, 2019

Yale’s Meng Cheng, Nir Navon, Hailiang Wang, and Yang Cai are among 126 U.S. and Canadian early-career scientists and scholars to receive the $70,000 award.

Study finds wide variation between human cell lines used for research

February 18, 2019

More than 70% of researchers fail to reproduce scientists’ experiments — one reason may lie in the significant differences in cell lines used by different labs.

Hear some quantum noise during sound artist’s talk

February 14, 2019

Composer and Yale Quantum Institute artist-in-residence Spencer Topel will speak on “Immaterial Waves: Light, Sound, and Architecture” on Feb. 28.

Improved RNA data visualization method gets to the bigger picture faster

February 14, 2019

FIt-SNE, an accelerated version of t-distributed Stochastic Neighborhood Embedding, will aid researchers in developmental biology, neurology, and other fields.

With NASA grant, new project seeks to replicate the Cradle of Life

February 14, 2019

Professor Jun Korenaga will take part in a new, NASA-supported project that will examine the specific conditions that led to the rise of life on Earth.

The role of the rolling jaw in early mammals

February 13, 2019

The origins of chewing in prehistoric mammals — a watershed moment in our evolution — is the subject of a new study from Yale researchers.