Science & Technology


Energy efficiency may keep rodents at bay

July 18, 2024

A computer model developed by Yale School of the Environment researchers shows how home renovations that reduce energy use could prevent wildlife infestations.

A new explanation for Jupiter’s great, shrinking ‘Spot’

July 18, 2024

A steady diet of smaller storms may be what fuels Jupiter’s Great Red Spot — and a decline in small storms may be causing it to shrink.

Russian environmentalists bring conservation skills and insights to YSE

July 15, 2024

Nataliia Lisitcyna and Dmitry Lisitsyn have spent decades protecting natural ecosystems and biodiversity on Sakhalin Island off Russia’s far eastern shore.

Novel protein detects and responds to changes in blood flow

July 15, 2024

A team at Yale has identified a protein that helps your body sense and respond to changes in “fluid shear stress” created by blood’s movement through vessels.

Yale researchers target an autoimmune disease-associated gene variant

July 10, 2024

Their findings could lead to the development of new precision medicine-based therapies that address diverse autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.

New research findings could help rainforest restoration efforts

July 8, 2024

Within species, seedlings sourced from either wet or dry sites perform just as well under drought conditions, a Yale-led study found.

Yale Engineering faculty pave new paths in quantum exploration

July 1, 2024

Three Yale faculty members discuss their efforts toward making practical quantum computing a reality — and preparing for when it arrives.

Giant clams may hold the answers to making solar energy more efficient

June 28, 2024

In a new study, Yale researcher Alison Sweeney found that giant clams in the Western Pacific may be the most efficient solar energy system on the planet.

Yale Alumni Association’s summer 2024 reading list

June 27, 2024

Soak up some great recent books by Yale faculty members, including novels, a guide to using your “influence superpower,” and an exploration of loneliness.

Empowering students and faculty to bring innovative ideas into the world

June 27, 2024

Under President Salovey, Yale’s innovation ecosystem has grown to touch every part of campus and has strengthened connections with New Haven. Fifth in a series.