Conversations on leadership: Stacey Abrams ’99 J.D.

August 9, 2023

Political leader, voting rights activist, and author Stacey Abrams describes how her time at Yale Law School influenced her leadership journey.

SCOTUS upholds Indian Child Welfare Act, citing Sovereignty Project brief

August 3, 2023

The NYU-Yale collaboration provided historical legal context surrounding the law that has been used to protect Native American families and tribal sovereignty.

Launching careers in service at Yale Law School

August 1, 2023

Yale Law School-funded fellowships offer essential support for aspiring public interest lawyers serving communities around the world.

Pauli Murray to be memorialized on U.S. quarter

July 31, 2023

Yale alum Pauli Murray, who helped lay the intellectual foundation of the civil and women’s rights movements, to be featured on U.S. quarter.

Yale hosts international bioethics summer program

July 26, 2023

Students across various fields and from more than 20 countries recently visited campus for a seven-week program exploring pressing policy issues in bioethics.

‘Turning point in law’: AI, intellectual property, and the Hollywood strike

July 25, 2023

In a video, constitutional law scholar Robert Post discusses how AI may force society to rethink the parameters of one’s own image as intellectual property.

Scott Morton named chief economist of the EU’s lead competition authority

July 13, 2023

Yale School of Management’s Fiona Scott Morton will provide economic analysis and strategic guidance to the EU’s Directorate-General for Competition.

Campaign school trains the next generation of women in politics

July 13, 2023

In June, a nonpartisan bootcamp welcomed students from across the U.S. and abroad to Yale Law School for a week of intensive training in running for office.

Meet the five schools of thought dominating the conversation about AI

July 6, 2023

Yale faculty and prominent economists explain the arguments from each camp in the debate over artificial intelligence, from true believers to alarmists.

The ups and downs of advocacy

July 3, 2023

In Yale Law School’s clinics, learning to navigate around setbacks is part of the journey.