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Yale responds to COVID-19

January 12, 2023

YaleNews highlights its coverage of how campus is responding to the coronavirus pandemic, and how Yale experts are taking action against the crisis.

Yale study finds aging of bone marrow accelerates arterial plaque formation

February 1, 2023

Aged bone marrow promotes the expansion of arterial smooth muscle cells and exacerbates the build-up of fatty deposits in artery walls, a new Yale study found.

Machine learning model predicts physician turnover

February 1, 2023

Yale researchers’ machine learning model identifies contributors to physician departure, which could help improve job satisfaction and stem costly turnover.

Megan Ranney named dean of Yale School of Public Health

January 31, 2023

An internationally recognized public health leader, investigator, advocate, and clinician-scientist, Ranney will join Yale on July 1.

Persistent symptoms common months after testing for COVID-19

January 31, 2023

Many adults experiencing acute COVID-like symptoms still felt some of them three months after testing — whether or not they’d tested positive.

Seven Yale faculty members named AAAS fellows

January 31, 2023

The American Association for the Advancement of Science has elected seven Yale faculty members as part of its latest class of fellows.

Helping local nonprofits fight hunger and homelessness, one bid at a time

January 27, 2023

Held on Jan. 19, the Yale School of Medicine’s 29th Annual Hunger & Homelessness Charity Auction raised more than $11,000 to support local organizations.

3 Essential Questions: FDA new vaccine recommendations for COVID-19

January 27, 2023

Yale’s Jeffrey Townsend discusses an FDA recommendation to “harmonize” future COVID vaccines and possibly distribute a single annual vaccine.

Brain’s ‘wakeful rest’ network may be key to Alzheimer’s risk

January 27, 2023

A recent Yale study examined the brain’s default mode network activated during daydreaming to understand why women are at higher risk for Alzheimer’s than men.

Out of the lab and into the world: Yale faculty bring research to market

January 26, 2023

Yale faculty members are translating their research into new technologies and treatments for disease. Yale Ventures helps them along the way.