Seth Goldman ’95 SOM on the not-so-sweet end of Honest Tea

June 30, 2022

Goldman, one of Honest Tea’s co-founders, discusses the “gut punch,” lessons he has learned as a social entrepreneur, and his plans to return to tea.

Romantic partners can influence each other’s attitudes to climate change

June 30, 2022

A Yale-led team of researchers found that there’s potential for partners to influence each other through conversations on climate change.

Thin crust or thick? Yale researchers try to solve a continental question

June 30, 2022

A new Yale study may have settled a scientific debate over what controls the thickness of Earth’s continental crust.

In colorful avian world, hummingbirds rule

June 23, 2022

A new study led by Yale’s Richard Prum finds that the range of colors in the plumage of hummingbirds exceeds the color diversity of all bird species combined.

‘Fishing’ for toxic contaminants using superparamagnetic nanoparticles

June 21, 2022

Yale’s John Fortner works at the intersection between materials science and environmental engineering to find solutions for treating contaminated water sources.

Crossing fire threshold can quickly turn blazes dangerous

June 20, 2022

Experimental fires in grassy savannas are helping researchers more accurately predict when and where fires are more likely to occur as the climate changes.

Discovery of lonely tortoise doubles known members of Galapagos species

June 9, 2022

The discovery in 2019 of a lone female tortoise living on one of the most inaccessible islands of the Galapagos archipelago has baffled evolutionary biologists.

Moving consumer brands to climate neutral

June 6, 2022

In a Q&A, Austin Whitman ’07 M.B.A. discusses his work helping consumers direct their spending to brands that are serious about solving climate change.

Revelations of genetic diversity of bass species can enhance conservation

June 6, 2022

A new study could help guide the conservation and management of bass species both prized by anglers and ranked among the world’s most invasive species.

Studying schizophrenia in plants? Yale researchers are giving it a shot

June 2, 2022

As part of a long-term goal to study psychiatric illness in plants, Yale researchers compare the role a certain gene plays in both plants and mammals.