Collab — cofounded by two Yale alumni — is launching local startups

August 14, 2018

Caroline Tanbee Smith ’14 and Margaret Lee ’14 founded Collab as a support network for promising, diverse entrepreneurs from across New Haven and Connecticut.

SOM professor Jacob Thomas on Tesla’s bid to go private

August 13, 2018

Thomas, an expert on stock prices, discusses how Tesla might benefit from going private and what the market can tell us about the prospects for the plan.

Two School of Management faculty members named to endowed professorships

August 10, 2018

SOM faculty members Amy Wrzesniewski and Gal Zauberman have been appointed to endowed professorships.

Amy Wrzesniewski designated the Jordan Professor of Management

August 10, 2018

Wrzesniewski focuses her research on how people make meaning of their work in difficult contexts and the experience of work as a job, career, or calling.

Gal Zauberman named the Cullman Professor of Marketing

August 10, 2018

Zauberman studies consumer judgment and decision making, time in decisions, financial decision making, and experiences and well-being.

Musk, Trump, and Twitter: You are what you tweet

August 9, 2018

In an age of opacity, what leaders tweet is one of the most revealing public displays of their true character, argues SOM’s Jeffrey Sonnenfeld.

SOM Insights: How do you change a successful company?

August 9, 2018

Ursula Burns, former CEO of Xerox, talks with SOM Insights about how a company can build its legacy by transforming its identity.

Assessing cryptocurrency with Yale economist Aleh Tsyvinski

August 6, 2018

In a new study, economist Aleh Tsyvinski and co-author Yukun Liu provide the first-ever comprehensive economic analysis of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Yale Cyber Leadership Forum reports on key areas of cyber risk

July 31, 2018

The Forum focuses on bridging the divide among the law, tech, and business communities in cyber security. Its latest report is free and available to the public.

SOM Insights: How can philanthropy do more good?

July 30, 2018

Aaron Dorfman of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy argues that foundations need to re-think their strategies and tactics.