Brad Gentry designated the Weyerhaeuser Professor

August 13, 2019

Gentry, an expert in land conservation and conservation finance, was appointed the Frederick K. Weyerhaeuser Professor in the Practice of Forest Resources.

Three faculty members appointed to endowed chairs

August 13, 2019

Bradford S. Gentry, Walter S. Gilliam, and Stephanie Samples O’Malley were appointed to endowed professorships.

SOM Insights: Gal Zauberman on the psychology of taking vacation photos

August 12, 2019

A professor of marketing at the School of Management, Zauberman discusses whether snapping photos of your vacation can actually improve the experience.

SOM Insights: Study reveals how many cooks it takes to spoil the broth

August 5, 2019

A new paper looks at how we perceive collaborations of different sizes, and what it means for how companies describe the creation of their products.

SOM Insights: For top venture capital firms, success breeds success

July 29, 2019

Professor Olav Sorenson discusses how consistent returns in venture capital owe as much to a firm’s reputation and early luck as the smarts of its employees.

SOM Insights: The man is the brand

July 22, 2019

Luxury shoe designer Stuart Weitzman discusses the connection a brand can make with customers and the moment he turned the spotlight on shoes.

Yale startup Statera Therapeutics wins NYU-Yale pitchoff

July 18, 2019

The pitchoff, now in its sixth year, is an annual event jointly hosted by the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute and the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale.

Tsai CITY’s Summer Fellowship teams empower users with new tech tools

July 18, 2019

Three teams in Tsai CITY's Summer Fellowship program are using software to empower users to streamline processes and make effective decisions.

Why ‘breaking up’ big tech probably won’t work

July 17, 2019

Without new laws giving the government the power to take a different approach, Washington cannot just break up big tech, or any company.

Alumnae-co-founded Collab supports New Haven entrepreneurs

July 16, 2019

Collab aims to make entrepreneurship more accessible by providing access, confidence building, and pathways to additional resources.