Arts & Humanities


Yii-Jan Lin on inclusion and exclusion in the New Testament and beyond

March 3, 2021

Lin ’14 Ph.D., a Divinity School professor and a Chinese-American child of immigrants, discusses how one’s personal context shapes one’s understanding of texts.

Tavia Nyong’o appointed William Lampson Professor

February 25, 2021

Tavia Nyong’o, the newly appointed William Lampson Professor of Theater and Performance Studies, the appointment was effective January 1.

Phillip Atiba Goff appointed the Carl I. Hovland Professor

February 25, 2021

Phillip Atiba Goff, the newly named Carl I. Hovland Professor of African American Studies and Professor of Psychology, the appointment was effective January 1.

Bernie Krause on saving the music of the wild

February 24, 2021

A musician, ecologist, and author, Krause joins the When We Talk About Animals podcast to discuss the beauty of and perils facing wild soundscapes.

Putting ‘belonging’ at the heart of research and education

February 24, 2021

President Peter Salovey and Professor Willie Jennings discuss the shared endeavor of learning, the beauty of discovery, and the dangers of isolation.

Peabody renovation offers unique view of iconic dinosaur mural

February 22, 2021

It’s easy to be awed by the scale of “The Age of Reptiles,” but thanks to an unusually close vantage point, the painting’s finer details are clearer than ever.

A story about permanent love, set at Yale

February 18, 2021

Novelist Madeleine Henry ’14 discusses her undergraduate experience at Yale, the inspiration for her new book “The Love Proof,” and advice for young writers.

A decade of Jerusalem peacebuilding bearing fruit for YDS alum

February 17, 2021

Rev. Nicholas Porter ’94 M.Div. is the founding director of the interfaith non-profit organization Jerusalem Peacebuilders.

J. Hillis Miller, esteemed English professor and critic

February 17, 2021

Miller, a prominent deconstructionist and member of the so-called “Yale School” of criticism, died on Feb. 7 at the age of 92.

Novel perspective: How literature helps us re-think environmental threats

February 15, 2021

Yale’s Cajetan Iheka uses African and other literature in his own classroom — and in his own writing — to inspire new thinking on environmental issues.