Jiang of applied physics wins Packard Fellowship

Liang Jiang, assistant professor of applied physics, has received a 2013 Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering, one of the nation’s largest nongovernmental fellowships.

Liang Jiang

Supported by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the fellowships provide $875,000 over five years to aid the research of promising scientists early in their careers.

Jiang, who joined the Yale faculty in 2012, explores large-scale quantum systems and problems in quantum information processing.

The 2013 fellowships were announced Oct. 17. Jiang is one of 16 recipients.

Each year the foundation invites 50 universities to nominate two faculty members for consideration in the following disciplines — physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, astronomy, computer science, earth science, ocean science, and all branches of engineering.

The fellowships are specifically intended to provide “flexible funding and the freedom to take risks and explore new frontiers,” according to the foundation.