Historian Joanne Freeman to co-host ‘BackStory’ podcast

Joanne Freeman, professor of history and of American studies, will join the popular podcast series “BackStory with the American History Guys.”

Freeman will co-host alongside Ed Ayers, Brian Balogh, and Nathan Connolly beginning Feb. 3.

The podcast brings historical perspective to the America of today. Each week, the historians look at current issues and trace them back to their roots in American history. From the days of the early Republic to the 21st century, “BackStory” reveals the connections (and disconnections) between the past and the present.

Freeman is the author of the award-winning “Affairs of Honor: National Politics in the New Republic” and editor of “Alexander Hamilton: Writings.” A specialist in revolutionary and early national American history, her work focuses on political violence and the culture of politics. Her extensive knowledge of dueling and research into the life of Alexander Hamilton influenced Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and star of Broadway’s “Hamilton: An American Musical.” Miranda credited “Affairs of Honor” and “Alexander Hamilton: Writings” as “indispensable.”

“BackStory with the American History Guys” is available for free on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, and other podcast apps.

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