Books in Brief

YaleNews features works recently or soon to be published by members of the University community. Descriptions are based on material provided by the publishers. Authors of new books may forward publishers’ book descriptions to us by email.


fundamentals of physics book cover

Fundamentals of Physics II (expanded edition)

R. Shankar (Yale University Press)

Cover of "Commerce and Manners in Edmund Burke's Political Economy"

Commerce and Manners in Edmund Burke's Political Economy

Gregory M. Collins (Cambridge University Press)

Book cover

Touch of Evil

Richard Deming, senior lecturer in English and director, Creative Writing Program (Bloomsbury)

Cover of the book "The Year 1000."

The Year 1000: When Explorers Connected the World — and Globalization Began

Valerie Hansen, the Stanley Woodward Professor of History (Scribner)

Cover of the book "Soul Liberty."

Soul Liberty

Nicole Myers Turner, assistant professor of religious studies (The University of North Carolina Press)

Cover of the book "The Trillion Dollar Revolution."

The Trillion Dollar Revolution

Edited by Abbe R. Gluck and Ezekiel J. Emanuel (Public Affairs)

Cover of the book titled "Land of Tears."

Land of Tears: The Exploration and Exploitation of Equatorial Africa

Robert Harms, the Henry J. Heinz Professor of History (Basic Books)

Cover of the book titled "Literary Theory and the New Testament."

Literary Theory and the New Testament

Michal Beth Dinkler, associate professor of New Testament (Yale University Press)

Cover of the book titled "The Company We Keep."

The Company We Keep

Grace Kao, the IBM Professor of Sociology (Russell Sage Foundation)

Cover of the book titled "Exuberance."


Dolores Hayden, professor emerita of architecture (Red Hen Press)