Yale media statement on billboard truck

The university issued a statement in response to a “doxing” truck driving through and parking near campus.

Early this afternoon, a “doxing” truck identified as sponsored by the group Accuracy in Media drove through and parked near Yale’s campus. The sides of the truck displayed the names and images of several students on rotating electronic billboards. Members of the Public Safety team, university leaders who support students, and others are reaching out to these students to provide support and resources to help them maintain their safety and well-being.

The university denounces this cowardly act of harassment and attempted intimidation. The Yale Police are investigating. As President Salovey has stated, “Antisemitism, Islamophobia, and hatred toward Palestinians and Israelis are emphatically against our values and principles at Yale. Let me also be clear in stating that our forceful rejection of discrimination and prejudice must be matched by our will to act with compassion and civility.”

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