Meet the FAS Faculty: Fatima Naqvi

How does architecture affect our lives and our health? Yale’s Fatima Naqvi explores this question in a forthcoming book about the “architecture of illness.”

How does architecture affect the way we live? Does it influence our health — and our healing? Fatima Naqvi, the Elias W. Leavenworth Professor of German and Film Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, explores these questions in a forthcoming book on the “architecture of illness.” In the book, Naqvi, who also has an affiliation with the Yale School of Architecture, looks at how writers and directors portray the architecture of hospitals and describe their experience from the 1880s to the present.

Naqvi’s scholarship lies at the intersection of architecture, literature, and film. She argues that by experiencing culture and the arts, we become better thinkers in ways that are difficult to quantify — but nevertheless profound.

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