Yale University statement

A social media post with false allegations has attracted wide attention and is causing great harm to the Yale community.

The Yale community is feeling grief and heartache after the death by suicide of Rachael Shaw-Rosenbaum, BR ’24. This is a particularly difficult time for all Yale students, especially those with mental health concerns. Causing additional pain and even harm is a social media post with the following incorrect information:   

[Rachael Shaw-Rosenbaum] petitioned Yale to take leave from school and attend a mental health facility. She planned to return to school when she was healthy. Yale informed her that her enrollment would not be held and she would have to reapply. Rachael petitioned the decision. Yale denied her appeal.

This is simply not true. Rachael did not ask her dean, or any other administrator in the College or Yale Health, if she could spend time away from Yale. Yale College would never deny anyone permission to take time off to address a health concern; anyone who asks for that permission receives it. Every semester, students take leaves and withdrawals, then return later to resume their studies.

Yale College would not ordinarily share information about individual students. In this case, though, the misinformation is causing active harm to current students by creating confusion and distrust. It is so important for students to be able to turn, in this moment, to the people who are here to care for them. The staff of the colleges, the cultural centers, and Yale Health are all available to any students in need.

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Media Contact

Karen N. Peart: karen.peart@yale.edu, 203-980-2222