How to take down a brontosaurus

After a “heads off” ceremony in December, a team from Research Casting International is taking the rest of the Peabody’s iconic Brontosaurus down as well.
Photos by Andrew Hurley

How do you take down a 65-foot-long Brontosaurus? If you’re the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, you bring in the experts.

As part of the Peabody’s upcoming major renovations, the museum’s iconic dinosaur skeletons are being packed up and shipped to Canada by Research Casting International (RCI), an Ontario-based company that specializes in preparing and preserving fossil mounts. Once the nine dinosaurs are safely north of the border, they’ll be cleaned, mended, and remounted in more scientifically accurate poses. 

In December, the Brontosaurus had its head removed in a ceremonial “heads off” farewell to the Peabody’s Great Hall exhibit. Last week, RCI started to finish the job. Once they’re back from their vacation in Ontario, the Brontosaurus and other Great Hall dinosaurs are slated to be back on display and looking fresher than ever.

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