Peabody Museum bids ‘Heads-Off’ to its beloved Brontosaurus

Photos by Jack Devlin ’21

The Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History’s Great Hall — home to its beloved dinosaur exhibits — will close on Dec. 31 in preparation for the museum’s upcoming major renovation.

The museum hosted a community celebration on Saturday, Dec. 7, to bid farewell to the fossil skeletons, which will be de-installed beginning Jan. 2. The event featured the ceremonial removal of the Brontosaurus’s skull before the massive specimen “heads off” to Research Casting International, an Ontario-based firm that specializes in mounting and restoring museum fossil specimens. There the Brontosaurus and other showpiece skeletons will be remounted into poses that better reflect current scientific knowledge. Other specimens will be worked on at the museum’s collections facility at Yale’s West Campus.


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