Literary Theory and the New Testament

Cover of the book titled "Literary Theory and the New Testament."

Michal Beth Dinkler, associate professor of New Testament

(Yale University Press)

For at least a half-century, scholars have been adopting literary approaches to the New Testament inspired by certain branches of literary criticism and theory. In this book, Michal Beth Dinkler uses contemporary literary theory to enhance understanding and interpretation of the New Testament texts.

Dinkler provides an integrated approach to the relation between literary theory and biblical interpretation, employing a wide range of practical theories and methods. This work engages foundational concepts and figures, the historical contexts of various theoretical approaches, and ongoing literary scholarship into the 21st century. In “Literary Theory and the New Testament,” Dinkler assesses previous literary treatments of the New Testament and calls for a new phase of nuanced thinking about New Testament texts as both ancient and literary.

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