Yale’s Santos brings lessons on happiness to podcast audience

Based on her popular “Psychology and the Good Life” course, Yale psychologist Laurie Santos will host The Happiness Lab podcast.
Laurie Santos and the Happiness Lab logo

Building upon her hugely popular 2018 class and online Coursera course, Yale psychologist Laurie Santos is hosting a new 10-episode podcast, The Happiness Lab.

Santos explores some new takes on the science of what truly makes us happy and talks with some people who have found a path to happiness for themselves, such as an Olympic medalist who didn’t fall prey to social comparison, a Grammy-winning musician who’s fighting to make our lives more social again, and a Navy SEAL who realized that her training in negative thinking might be more powerful off the battlefield. 

The Happiness Lab is available for free from AppleSpotifyStitcher and other podcast providers. The podcast is also available from the Happiness Lab website.

Email updates on the series from publisher Pushkin Industries are available by providing an email address and checking off the box for The Happiness Lab.


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