Homelessness Among U.S. Veterans: Critical Perspectives

Cover of the book titled "Homelessness Among U.S. Veterans: Critical Perspectives."

Edited by Jack Tsai, associate professor of psychiatry

(Oxford University Press)

The challenges facing military veterans who return to civilian life in the United States are persistent and well documented. But for all the political outcry and attempts to improve military members’ readjustments, veterans of all service eras face obstacles related to mental health, substance abuse, employment, and homelessness.

Homelessness Among U.S. Veterans” synthesizes the new supply of research on veteran homelessness — geographic trends, root causes, effective and ineffective interventions to mitigate it — in a format that provides a reference as this public health fight continues to be fought.

Codifying the data and research from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs campaign to end veteran homelessness, Jack Tsai links disparate lines of research to produce an advanced resource on a defining social issue.

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