Choice Matters: How Healthcare Consumers Make Decisions (and Why Clinicians and Managers Should Care)

Cover of the book titled "Choice Matters."

Dr. Gordon Moore, professor of population medicine at Harvard Medical School; John A. Quelch, the Miller University Professor and vice provost at the University of Miami, and dean of Miami Business School; and Emily Boudreau, doctoral candidate in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

(Oxford University Press)

The direct-to-consumer business model has transformed how people seek out goods and services from music to mortgages. In this book, the authors ask: What happens now that the revolution has come for healthcare?

While consumers have begun to insist on healthcare that is as convenient and personalized as nearly every other good or service they purchase, most healthcare provider organizations, physicians, and insurance companies remain unprepared to meet this demand, the authors contend.

Choice Matters” is the healthcare sector’s guide to understanding and delivering the brand of consumer-centered care for a new business model. Drawing on the authors’ diverse backgrounds in medicine, business, and public policy, this resource offers an introduction for clinicians and managers to better understand the differences between healthcare and other consumer-driven markets, and how consumers make decisions about healthcare, among other pertinent issues.

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