Amy Wrzesniewski designated the Jordan Professor of Management

Amy Wrzesniewski
Amy Wrzesniewski

Amy Wrzesniewski, newly named as the Michael H. Jordan Professor of Management, focuses her research on how people make meaning of their work in difficult contexts (for example, stigmatized occupations, virtual work, absence of work), and the experience of work as a job, career, or calling.

Wrzesniewski’s current research involves studying how employees craft the tasks and relationships that comprise their jobs to change both their work identity and the meaning of the work.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Wrzesniewski earned an M.A. and Ph.D. in organizational psychology from the University of Michigan. She began her academic career at New York University before joining the Yale faculty in 2006 as an associate professor of management. She served as a visiting professor at the University of Pennsylvania 2012-2013. She was named a full professor of management at Yale in 2015.

Wrzesniewski is co-editor of the book “Identity and the Modern Organization.” She has contributed numerous peer-reviewed articles and chapters to journals and edited volumes. Her essays have appeared in mainstream outlets, including The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Wrzesniewski serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Organizational Behavior and Organization Science.

The Yale professor’s work has been recognized with numerous awards, including the IBM Faculty Award for research excellence, the Best Paper Award from the Davis Conference on Qualitative Research, and, on two occasions, the Outstanding Author Award from the Emerald Publishing Literati Network. Her teaching has garnered the Yale SOM Alumni Association Teaching Award for “best professor teaching in the MBA core” and the “Inspiring Yale” School of Management award for the “most inspiring professor among graduate students,” among other honors.

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