Peter Salovey, Yale University: Statement on Immigration Votes in the House

Since the repeal of DACA in 2017, I have advocated for a legislative solution that will end the uncertainty and give talented and motivated individuals a way to earn permanent residence and, eventually, U.S. citizenship, a decision that would honor the nation’s highest ideals of fairness, compassion, and justice.

The House of Representatives’ plan to vote on immigration legislation this week is an important step toward a solution, but I am disappointed that neither of the immigration bills will provide a clear, reliable path to citizenship for undocumented students and college graduates. The pending bills would provide only temporary legal status, or would offer a protracted and uncertain path to permanent legal status. Neither approach is sufficient.

I have said consistently that it is in our national interest to embrace these young people for the contributions they can make to American society and the economy. 

Members of Congress have offered bipartisan proposals that would take meaningful steps to tighten border security while providing a straightforward path to citizenship for undocumented students and college graduates. I respectfully recommend that Congress use those proposals as a basis for an agreement.