Haskins Laboratories expands reach of language and literacy research

The AIM Academy and the AIM Institute for Learning & Research will partner with Haskins as part of the Haskins Global L2 Innovation Hub.
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Haskins Laboratories, a Yale-affiliated research institute based in New Haven, Conn., has launched a new collaboration in its efforts to improve language and literacy outcomes for children at risk for reading difficulties worldwide.

Haskins has identified AIM Academy, a grade 1-12 school for children with language-based learning disabilities, and the AIM Institute for Learning & Research, as its first education partner. Through the collaboration with AIM, Haskins will work with educational researchers, service providers, and academic leaders to translate the growing body of research in the science of reading and language into early identification of and best practices in treating language-based reading problems.

The collaboration is part of the Haskins Global L2 (Language & Literacy) Innovation Hub. An international and interdisciplinary initiative, the hub brings together researchers, practitioners, educators, and education technology specialists to: improve the sensitivity of early language assessment and intervention; deliver on the promise of neuroscience-guided reading instruction and remediation; scale the solutions to global challenges using education technology; and train a new generation of educators and clinicians.

As part of the collaboration, AIM will form a new entity: the Implementing Global Neuroscience Initiatives in Training and Education (IGNITE) Center.

AIM’s proven track record of delivering evidence-informed and evidence-based programming to students, and the AIM Institute’s commitment to teacher training, makes it one of the top services providers in the county,” says Ken Pugh, president of Haskins Laboratories. “We are excited to have an environment where teachers and researchers can work together on these important issues.”

Haskins Laboratories has an 83-year history of being in the forefront of interdisciplinary neurocognitive research, theoretical development, and technological advances leading to insights in understanding the brain’s role in speech, language, and reading problems and their treatment. Haskins has formal affiliations with Yale and the University of Connecticut, and extensive national and international research partnerships.


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