Yale Hospitality’s holiday outreach efforts

A father and young son strand in front of a van holding donated turkeys.
Members of the community donated turkeys to the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen for its annual Thanksgiving dinner.

As part of its annual holiday activities, Yale Hospitality baked 1,195 pies for member of the university community and helped prepare Thanksgiving dinner for the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen.

Yale Bakery has produced holiday pies for more than 30 years. This year, offerings included apple, apple crumb, pecan, chocolate bourbon, and pumpkin cheesecake, among others. “We start preparing for our holiday pie sales over a month in advance,” pastry chef Keri Logan said. “No matter what, there are orders that come in after official sales are closed. Nevertheless, we always do our best to accommodate everyone.”

Police Chief Ronnell Higgins orders from the Yale Bakery annually. “My family and I enjoy the Yale Bakery pies every Thanksgiving,” he said. “They’ve become a staple on our dinner table.”

While pie production was taking place, in another area of the Yale Hospitality Culinary Support Center (CSC), 15 chefs prepared the annual Thanksgiving dinner for the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen (DESK).

Chef Cyon Jones from CSC provided leadership for the group of volunteer chefs from Yale’s dining halls who took part in this initiative. Between home delivery of meals and a sit-down meal at DESK, more than 1,000 people enjoyed the holiday this year with all the trimmings.

Yale Auxiliaries is grateful for the opportunity to reach out to our community in the area we know best, hospitality,” said Christian Fischer, senior director of Auxiliary, Catering, and the CSC for Yale Hospitality. “We look forward to continuing this tradition for years to come.”

Yale Hospitality will also sponsor DESK’s Second Annual Breaking Bread Dinner in 2018, following a successful fundraiser during its inaugural dinner last March. The 2017 event was responsible for “raising more funds than any other fundraiser for DESK in recent years,” according to DESK executive director Steven H. Werlin. “The event succeeded in raising the organization’s public profile among partners, businesses, and donors, as well as bringing in new supporters.”

Bob Sullivan, director of Yale dining operations, said, “We feel strongly about our responsibility to the community of Greater New Haven. Over the years, our outreach program has included our strong support of United Way, soup kitchens, local businesses, and community efforts. Our Thanksgiving push through the volunteer work of our chefs is truly the crème de la crème.”

Yale Hospitality has earned a national reputation for its nutrition and wellness programs; catering services; and a push for sustainability in food sourcing and production, culinary authenticity, and quality and supply chain management. With 27 residential and retail dining operations across the campus, Yale Hospitality and its staff touch the lives of students, employees, and visitors, ensuring that they are served fresh and taste food in a clean, safe, and friendly environment. Yale Hospitality also accommodates those with special dietary and nutritional needs, and provides a variety of support services.