Author and illustrator in a range of media to discuss her ‘many muses’

Leanne Shapton

Leanne Shapton, an author, artist, and publisher, will speak at Yale on Wednesday, Nov. 8, as a Poynter Fellow in Journalism.

Shapton will speak at a Grace Hopper College Tea on the topic “Many Muses: Fiction, Drawing, Design” at 4 p.m. at 434 College St.

Shapton’s work stretches across disciplines, with a wide-ranging mix of journalism, books and graphic novels, and illustration in various forms. Her book “Swimming Studies” won the 2012 National Book Critic’s Circle Award for autobiography.

Toys Talking”, a children’s book, is Shapton’s latest work. Her other books vary in topic and in style, among them collections of art and creative nonfiction. She has also created new covers for old and new books, including a collection of classic Jane Austen works with specially-designed covers.

In journalism, like in the rest of her career, Shapton charted a unique path for herself. She has contributed artwork and articles to T: The New York Times Style Magazine, the New Yorker, the New York Times Book Review, and other publications. She is a former art director of The New York Times op-ed page.

The Poynter Fellowship in Journalism was established by Nelson Poynter, who received his master’s degree in 1927 from Yale. The fellowship brings to campus journalists from a wide variety of outlets who have made significant contributions to their field. Among recent Poynter fellows are Ezra Edelman, Lindy West, and Brandon Stanton.