AIESEC at Yale fosters a global network of young leaders

Davi Lemos, Yale committee president, spent the past summer teaching middle schooler students about the sustainable development goals in Colombia.

Today’s world is marked by complex issues that demand progressively stronger leadership to address them. Current issues ranging from global climate change to healthcare inequity make it clear that the world’s most intricate puzzles will require generations of effort to solve. AIESEC — a non-political, independent, not-for-profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education — was founded in 1948 to equip young leaders with the tools and skills to tackle the issues that will be theirs to face.

AIESEC focuses on empowering youth to reach their full potential and make positive impacts in society. To achieve this greater goal, the seven founding members dreamed of building cross-cultural understanding across nations around the world. Decades later, AIESEC continues to echo this dream by providing its members with leadership development through global internship and volunteering experiences.

The AIESEC global manifesto states that it hopes to “provide a global platform for young people to develop themselves, connect with like-minded individuals across the world, and have a positive impact in society.” Davi Lemos, Yale committee president, can attest. “Since I joined AIESEC two years ago I have grown personally and professionally in ways I couldn’t even imagine before. Now, at age 21 I am the CEO of the local branch of a global nonprofit with over 75,000 members worldwide. No other organization would have been able to provide this to me at such an early age.”

After nearly 70 years of work, AIESEC has become one the world’s largest nonprofit youth-run organizations with offices in over 120 countries and territories.

Yale and AIESEC have a long history dating back to the first Yale chapter in 1957, and the current Yale chapter began in 1999. Notable alumni of the program include former Secretary of State John Kerry and former Pennsylvania state Senator John Heinz III, who participated during their years as undergraduates.

AIESEC Yale today continually works to expand the Yale exchange partnership. Having sent over 50 students abroad to 12 different countries over the summer of 2017, the team prepares now for even greater goals in the 2018 calendar year. In the spring of 2017, AIESEC Yale won several national awards for growth and excellence in its exchange programs.

Those interested in joining AIESEC can visit the AIESEC Yale website at or send email to

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