Faculty members appointed to endowed chairs

Nine scholars and scientists were appointed to endowed professorships this summer:

Kate Baldwin, named as the Peter Strauss Family Assistant Professor of Political Science, focuses her research on political accountability, state building, and the politics of development, with a regional focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Read the announcement.

Kirk Freudenburg, appointed as the Brooks and Suzanne Ragen Professor of Classics, focuses his research on the social life of Roman letters, in particular on the unique cultural encodings that structure and inform Roman ideas of poetry, and the practical implementation of those ideas in specific poetic forms, especially satire. Read the announcement.

Antonio J. Giraldez, named as the Fergus F. Wallace Professor of Genetics, investigates the regulatory codes that shape gene expression during embryonic development. Read the announcement.

Sharon Hammes-Schiffer, named as the inaugural John Gamble Kirkwood Professor of Chemistry, is a renowned theoretical chemist who specializes in modeling and simulation of quantum mechanical processes in systems of relevance to both energy and biological sciences. Read the announcement.

Valerie Hansen, designated as the Stanley Woodward Professor of History, focuses her research on China before 1600, Chinese religious and legal history, and the history of the Silk Road. Read the announcement.

Gregory McCarthy, designated as the Henry Ford II Professor of Psychology, focuses his research on the functional organization of the human brain. Read the announcement.

Desirée Plata, named as the John J. Lee Assistant Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, focuses her research on unlocking the potential of carbon-based nanomaterials for transportation, energy storage, and water treatment by enabling scalable, tunable, environmentally sustainable nanomanufacturing. Read the announcement.

Jeffrey Townsend, named to the Elihu Professorship in Biostatistics, is internationally renowned for his contributions to that field. Read the announcement.

Paul E. Turner, appointed as the Elihu Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, is interested in examining how viruses evolutionarily adapt to overcome new challenges, such as emergence on novel host species, transmission via new arthropod vectors, survival at elevated temperatures, or changes in host immunity. Read the announcement.

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