MEDIA ADVISORY: Yale experts available to discuss American Health Care Act

The following three Yale experts on health, management, and social policy are available to offer detailed commentary on the American Health Care Act, the Republican proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act.

Note that full broadcast capability is available at the Yale Broadcast Center and at Yale School of Management.

, professor of diagnostic radiology, economics, and public health; director of the M.D./M.B.A. Program at Yale School of Management; director of healthcare curriculum, M.B.A. for Executives Program; lecturer in ethics, politics, and economics

email: [email protected]

Video clips of Howard Forman:

Is Obamacare in Trouble? (Yale Insights)

What lies ahead for healthcare reform? (Yale Insights)


JACOB HACKER, professor of political science, director of the Yale Institution for Social and Policy Studies

Office: 203-432-5554, email: [email protected]

Video clip of Jacob Hacker:

Crumbling Infrastructure Inhibiting American Productivity (PBS News)

ZACK COOPER, assistant professor of public health and economics, and assistant professor at the Institution for Social and Policy Studies

Office: 203-785-3144, email: [email protected]

Video clip of Zack Cooper:

The Future of Medicine (YouTube)

Media Contact

Tina Babarovic: [email protected], 203-432-7014

Karen N. Peart: [email protected], 203-432-1326