Yale and Connecticut DOT launch CTRides Telework Week with ‘virtual’ press conference

Reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality are two of the shared sustainability goals Yale University and the Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) will focus on during CTrides Telework Week. The initiative will be launched with a “virtual” press event on Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 10:30 a.m. at the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning, 301 York St., first floor, room 118A.

CTrides, a program of the Connecticut Department of Transportation, helps commuters and employers with information and resources for travel options, including teleworking.

Yale Office of Sustainability is supporting the teleworking initiatives for the university through the new Yale Sustainability Plan 2025. The Yale Center for Teaching and Learning, which opened Jan. 27, is hosting the media event.

“Working remotely can have positive impact on work-life balance and the environment,” said Susan Abramson, manager of WorkLife and child care programs at Yale. “Working remotely is not for every job or for every person, but having the technology in place allows for improved work flexibility.”

Ginger Chapman, director of Yale’s Office of Sustainability said that one of the objectives of the Yale Sustainability Plan 2025 is to lead the technology industry by creating replicable sustainable standards related to energy, materials, human well-being, and transportation. “Within that objective we have a goal to significantly increase teleworking at Yale,” she said. “Our partners with Yale Information Technology systems continue to offer new and more advanced computing solutions to accomplish this.”

CTrides Project Manager Russell McDermott said, “Reducing commuting is just one way Telework helps business and organizations. Connecticut commuters average enough miles every year to drive around the Earth.”

“CTrides Teleworking provides tools for Connecticut employers to help them start-up or formalize telework programs in order to improve business continuity, work-life balance, and reduce overhead,” McDermott added. “Teleworking also takes cars off the road and benefits the environment.”

Throughout the week, CTrides Telework partner CT SHRM will engage employers throughout Connecticut to build and formalize their telework policies.

CTrides Telework offers a free telework review for any business or organization to adopt teleworking or to improve its current teleworking system. To learn how CTrides Telework can help employers build a robust teleworking policy visit CTrides.com/teleworking.

Read more about Connecticut Telework Week on the Yale Sustainability site.

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