Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower

Tom Krattenmaker, director of communications at Yale Divinity School

(Convergent Books)

Tom Krattenmaker is part of a growing conversation centered at Yale that acknowledges — and seeks to address— the abiding need for meaning and inspiration in post-religious America. What, they ask, gives a life meaning? What constitutes a life well led?

In “Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower,” Krattenmaker shares his conclusion about where input and inspiration might best be found: in the figure of Jesus. And Jesus, not only as a good example and teacher, but Jesus as the primary guide for one’s life.

Drawing on sociological research, personal experience, and insights from 15 years studying and writing on religion in American public life, Krattenmaker shows that in Jesus, nonreligious people like himself can find unique and compelling wisdom on how to honor the humanity in ourselves and others, how to build more peaceful lives, how generosity can help people and communities create more abundance, how to break free from self-defeating behaviors, and how to tip the scales toward justice.

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