State launches program to help at-risk families

State and federal officials Sept. 28 announced the launch of The Connecticut Family Stability Pay for Success program, an innovative program designed to keep struggling, at risk families with young children together.

Family-Based Recovery (FBR), a home-based program developed at the Yale Child Study Center and the centerpiece of this initiative, will be supported by private financing. FBR works to improve living conditions for children whose parents struggle with issues related to the use of substances.

Officials hope as many as 500 families with children under the age of six will be helped by the program in the next four years.

“Connecticut, like so many other states, faces increased urgency for effective substance use treatment services to help families stay together,” said Governor Dannel P. Malloy. “As we strengthen family stability and improve home conditions for children, life-long outcomes will surely improve for our children and families who need help the most.”

Under the Pay for Success model, the government repays private investors only if the program meets predetermined outcomes.  Independent evaluators measure the effects of a program that demonstrate a return on investment based on specific metrics that benefit both individuals and society.

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