The Nakanishi Prize

Sebastian Medina-Tayac

Sebastian Medina-Tayac has spent his time at Yale building bridges among cultural centers, the broader Yale community, the city of New Haven, and beyond. Sebi has served as an active member of the Blue Feather Drum Group and the Association of Native Americans at Yale, and he has also been active in two cultural centers – La Casa and the Native American Cultural Center – bringing both together for events and social justice movements. He has made important connections with the broader Yale community by pairing New Haven community partners and Yale students, and as a journalist he has forged ties between New Haven and its sister city in Tlaxcala, Mexico, where Sebi has traveled in order to publish a multimedia series on the transnational migrant community in the Independent and in The New Journal.

For accomplishing so much in the service of race and ethnic relations, Yale College is honored to bestow the Nakanishi Prize upon Sebastian Medina-

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