Judy Cha named the Melamed Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science

Judy J. Cha, newly named as the Carol and Douglas Melamed Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, focuses her research on synthesis and transport measurements of two-dimensional, layered nanochalcogenides, in particular topological insulator nanoribbons and nanoplates.

Judy J. Cha

Cha’s research team at the Energy Sciences Institute at West Campus uses analytical scanning transmission electron microscopy and electron energy-loss spectroscopy to investigate the fundamental structure-property relationships of the synthesized nanomaterials for novel electronic, photonic, and plasmonic properties. The team also investigates other chalcogenide systems for energy applications.

After receiving her B.A.Sc. from Simon Fraser University (British Columbia, Canada), Cha earned her Ph.D. at Cornell University. She then served as a postdoctoral scholar in materials science and engineering at Stanford University. Cha joined the Yale faculty in 2013 as assistant professor of mechanical engineering and materials science.

Cha has contributed scores of articles to professional journals and delivered numerous invited talks at universities nationwide and in countries such as Korea, France, and Germany, among others. Her outreach activities include serving as a panelist, speaker, or instructor at conferences, high schools, and universities in the New England region.

Cha’s honors include an IBM Faculty Award, a Presidential Student Award from the Microscopy Society of America, and a Silver Student Award from the Materials Research Society.

The Yale professor is a member of the Materials Research Society, the American Physical Society, the Microscopy Society of America, American Vacuum Society, and the American Chemical Society.

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