Yale Police officers honored for life-saving actions

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During the honors ceremony (from left) Chief Ronnell Higgins, Officer Danny Sentementes, Sergeant Roosevelt Martinez, Officer Thomas Nguyen, and Assistant Chiefs Steve Wozynk and Mike Patten.

Six officers in the Yale Police Department were recently honored for acts of bravery while helping to save the lives of others, announced Chief Ronnell Higgins in his Campus Beat newsletter.

Medal of Valor

Sergeant Roosevelt Martinez and Officers Danny Sentementes and Thomas Nguyen were awarded the 2015 Medal of Valor by the CT Chiefs of Police Association at their meeting on Sept. 24.

The officers, who were selected from a statewide pool of nominees, were honored for their rescue of a disturbed individual who was attempting to commit suicide on a scaffolding.

The trio were cited for “bravery, heroism and self-sacrifice risking their lives to save his,” noted Higgins.

“These officers, after clambering up scaffolding, quite literally grabbed an individual away from the edge of a rooftop, averting a clear tragedy,” he said, adding, “We are all proud of these men who have performed the single most important act a police officer can perform, saving a life and doing so under harrowing conditions.”

Life Saving Medals

The Yale Police Department also presented its own Life Saving Medal to Martinez, Sentementes, and Nguyen, as well as three other officers.

Officers Daniel Cavanaugh and Martin Parker Jr. were cited for their actions following the report of a fire on Chapel Street. “Even before the fire department responded, a resident of the building told them that someone was trapped in one of the apartments,” said Higgins. “Rushing in where most would rush out, the officers broke down the apartment bringing the student to safety by carrying her down several flights of stairs, all the while battling a heavily smoke-filled environment.” The officers found the source of the fire, a burning pan, and were able to put it out quickly.

Officer Eugene Pan was honored for single-handedly stopping someone from committing suicide. “After seeing the person standing on the edge of a parking garage, he quickly grabbed the individual before he jumped, risking his own life in the process,” said the Chief.

Sentementes was also honored for his life-saving actions during a separate incident. While walking a beat one evening, he saw a man who had collapsed on the sidewalk. “Upon seeing the man lying motionless, he rushed to his aid, administering CPR with the aid of a passing nurse,” said Higgins. “He continued administering CPR until the man’s breathing and pulse were restored. With his stamina and perseverance, Officer Sentementes was able to keep the man stable until the ambulance arrived.”

“I am extremely proud of these men and extend them a heartfelt congratulations,” said Higgins.

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