Winners of 2015 Porter and Field prizes announced

Field Prize

The Theron Rockwell Field Prize is awarded for a poetic, literary, or religious work by any Yale student. The prize was established in 1957 by Emilia R. Field in memory of her husband, who was a member of the Class of 1889.

This year’s graduate and professional student recipients were:

Carmel Raz ’15 Ph.D. (music) for “Reverberating Nerves Physiology, Perception, and Early Romantic Auditory Cultures.”

Kyle Dugdale ’15 Ph.D. (architecture) for “Architecture After the Death of God: Uriel Birnbaum’s Der Kaiser und der Architekt.”

The undergraduate student recipients were:

Spencer Weinreich ’15(B.A., history) of Pierson College for “Appropriation and Adaptation in Francisco Zumel’s De vitis patrum (Salamanca, 1588).”

Olivia Rosenthal ’15 (B.A., history) of Silliman College for “The Road to Roe: Sterilization, Contraception, And Abortion In Charlotte, North Carolina, 1943-1974.”

Porter Prize

The John Addison Porter Prize was established in 1872 by the Kingsley Trust Association — the Scroll and Key Society — in honor of Professor John Addison Porter. It is awarded for “a work of scholarship in any field where it is possible, through original effort, to gather and relate facts or principles or both and to make the product of general human interest.”

This year’s graduate and professional student recipients were:

Dana Graef ’15 Ph.D. (anthropology and School of Forestry & Environmental Studies) for “Isles of Green: Environmentalism and Agrarian Change in Costa Rica and Cuba.”

ShawnaKim Lowey-Ball ’15 Ph.D. (history) for “Liquid Market, Solid State: The rise and demise of the great global emporium at Malacca, 1400-1641.”

The undergraduate student recipients were:

Tiraana Bains ’15 (B.A., history) of Calhoun College for “Empire and Intimacy: The Evolution of British Attitudes Towards Mixed Relationships in the Bengal Presidency, 1764-1793.”

Joshua Isackson ’15 (B.A., architecture) of Jonathan Edwards College for “Repurposing the Chinese Water Town: Replication, Restoration, and Abstraction of Heritage Urbanism.”

For more information on the prizes and a listing of previous winners, visit the Porter and Field website.