Seventeen Yale alumni won congressional, governor's races on Election Day 2014

All told, 17 Yale alumni were successful in election or re-election on Nov. 4 — 3 in the U.S. Senate, 10 in the U.S. House of Representative (including the non-voting delegate from Washington. D.C.), and 3 in governors’ races.
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All told, 17 Yale alumni were successful in congressional and gubernatorial election or re-election on Nov. 4 — three in the U.S. Senate, 11 in the U.S. House of Representative (including the non-voting delegate from Washington. D.C.), and three in governors’ races.

They join six other alumni senators  — Bill Nelson ’65 B.A., D-Florida; Sheldon Whitehouse ’78 B.A., D-Rhode Island; Sherrod Brown ’74 B.A., D-Ohio; Amy Klobuchar ’ 82 B.A., D-Minnesota; Michael Bennet ’93 J.D., D-Colorado; and Richard Blumenthal ’73 J.D., D-Connecticut — and one alumnus governor — John S. “Jack” Dalrymple ’ 70 B.A. of North Dakota — who were not on the ballot yesterday and are continuing in office, so there are a total of 10 alumni in the Senate, 11 in the House, and four alumni governors.

Historical data is not complete, but it is certain that more than 500 alumni have served in the U.S. Congress over time (including current members)


  1. Chris Coons (J.D. 1992, M.A.R. 1992), U.S. senator (D-Delaware, 2010–present)
  2. Cory Booker (J.D., 1997), U.S. senator (D-New Jersey, 2013-present)
  3. Ben Sasse (Ph.D. 2004), U.S. senator (R-Nebraska, 2015-) *
  1. David Price (B.D. 1964, Ph.D .1969), U.S. representative (D-North Carolina, 1987-present)
  2. Lamar Smith (B.A. 1969), U.S. representative (R-Texas, 1987-present)
  3. Eleanor Holmes Norton (M.A .1963, LL.B. 1964), non-voting congressional delegate (D-DC, 1991–present)
  4. Sheila Jackson Lee (B.A. 1972), U.S. representative (D-Texas, 1995-present)
  5. Lois Capps (M.A.R. 1964), U.S. representative (D-California, 1998-present)
  6. Tom Cole (M.A. 1974), U.S. representative (R-Oklahoma, 2003-present)
  7. John Yarmuth (B.A. 1969), U.S. representative (D-Kentucky, 2007-present)
  8. Steven “Brett” Guthrie (M.P.P.M. 1997), U.S. representative (R-Kentucky, 2009-present)
  9. Elizabeth Esty (J.D. 1985), U.S. representative (D-CT, 2013-present)
  10. Ron DeSantis (B.A. 2001), U.S. representative (R-Florida, 2013-present)
  11. Bruce Westerman (M.F. 2001), U.S. representative (R-Arkansas, 2015-) *


  1. Edmund “Jerry” Brown (J.D. 1964), governor of California, (D, 1975–1983; 2011–present)
  2. Mark Dayton (B.A. 1969), governor of Minnesota (D, 2011-present)
  3. Gina Raimondo (J.D. 1998), governor of Rhode Island (D, 2015-) *

* Newly elected

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