Book: Controversies in Science and Technology

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Controversies in Science and Technology: From Sustainability to Surveillance

Edited by Jo Handelsman, the Frederick Phineas Rose Professor and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professor of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Daniel Lee Kleinman, professor in the Department of Community and Environmental Sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison,  and Karen A. Cloud-Hansen

(Oxford University Press)

This book analyzes controversial topics in science and technology — infrastructure, ecosystem management, food security, and plastics and health — from multiple points of view.

The editors have compiled essays from a variety of experts from academia and beyond, creating a volume that attempts to address many of the issues surrounding these scientific debates.
 Part I discusses infrastructure, and the real meaning behind the term in today’s society. Essays address the central issues that motivate current discussion about infrastructure, including writing on the vulnerability to disasters. Part II, titled “Food Policy,” focuses on the challenges of feeding an ever-growing world and the costs of not doing so. Part III features essays on chemicals and environmental health, and works to define “safety” as it relates to today’s scientific community. The book’s final section examines ecosystem management.

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