Fertility specialist Patrizio wins 2014 RESOLVE Hope Award for Advocacy

Dr. Pasquale Patrizio, professor of obstetrics, gynecology & reproductive sciences at the Yale School of Medicine and director of the Yale Fertility Program, has been awarded the 2014 RESOLVE Hope Award for Advocacy. Patrizio is sharing this award with his collaborator Josephine Johnston, a research scholar and director of research at The Hastings Center.

Dr. Pasquale Patrizio

RESOLVE is the National Infertility Association and aims to provide support and information to people experiencing infertility. The Hope Awards are given annually to outstanding individuals and organizations that have made significant impacts in advocacy, innovation, service, achievement, and awareness surrounding infertility.

Patrizio and Johnston are being honored by RESOLVE for their work to reduce the risks associated with in vitro fertilization (IVF) and to increase patient access to infertility treatment. Earlier this year, Patrizio and Johnston brought together medical specialists, insurance companies, and government agencies to create dramatic recommendations for changes to policy surrounding fertility treatment.

“We are not only trying to cure infertility,” said Patrizio, “but we are also trying to reduce the risks of fertility treatment and increase access to treatment for those who cannot have children.”

Specifically, Patrizio and Johnston have focused on reducing multiple births associated with IVF. Reducing the occurrence of twins and triplets decreases potential complications for IVF patients.

Patrizio and Johnston will receive the award in November at the annual RESOLVE Night of Hope Gala in New York City.

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