Blog: Students engaging the world with AIESEC Yale

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Bijan Makarechi YC'17 (left) and fellow interns on a hike to Wli Waterfalls in Ghana.

Yale students on summer travels are sharing their international experiences through blog posts on the AIESEC website.

The students, travelling throughout the world, are exploring their host countries, connecting with interns from other AIESEC chapters, and immersing themselves in a new culture by performing service work “to bring positive change to local communities.”

Along with the AIESEC experience, most of the students have been swept up in the 2014 World Cup action — from a new global perspective.

Mark Fedronic YC’15 posted “When Neymar scored the first goal of the World Cup, I was packed into a cluster of people from all around the world in a beautiful square in downtown Budapest called the Szabadság Tér (or Freedom Square). On my right was an Egyptian friend I had met earlier that day, on my left a man from Albania with whom I had been discussing the game. A sea of yellow and green rippled all around me, including at least a dozen Brazilian friends I had already met through AIESEC. A Brazilian flag danced above. Blaring horns, Brazilian drums, people dancing … and pure joy.”

In his recent post from Budapest, “Words of (humble) wisdom from a fellow world traveler…,” Derek Ficenec YC’17 writes “I was lucky, through this AIESEC experience, to be able to meet and influence so many people, and to become more of a Global Citizen myself.”      

AIESEC Yale is a university chapter of AIESEC, a student-run nonprofit organization that is devoted to creating impactful and immersive cultural experiences for students around the world. Go to the website to read the most recent blog posts.

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