Book: Large Carnivore Conservation

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Large Carnivore Conservation: I

ntegrating Science and Policy in the North American West

Edited by Susan G. Clark, the Joseph F. Cullman III Adjunct Professor of Wildlife Ecology & Policy, and Murray B. Rutherford, associate professor in the School of Resource and Environmental Management at Simon Fraser University, British Columbia

(University of Chicago Press)

Drawing on six case studies of wolf, grizzly bear, and mountain lion conservation in habitats stretching from the Yukon to Arizona, “Large Carnivore Conservation” argues that conserving and coexisting with large carnivores is as much a problem of people and governance — of reconciling diverse and sometimes conflicting values, perspectives, and organizations, and of effective decision making in the public sphere — as it is a problem of animal ecology and behavior. By adopting an integrative approach, the editors seek to examine and understand the interrelated development of conservation science, law, and policy, as well as how these forces play out in courts, other public institutions, and the field.

In combining real-world examples with discussions of conservation and policy theory, “Large Carnivore Conservation”not only explains how traditional management approaches have failed to meet the needs of all parties, but also highlights examples of innovative, successful strategies and provides practical recommendations for improving future conservation efforts.

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