Book: More than a Monologue

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More than a Monologue: Sexual Diversity and the Catholic Church —

Volume Two: Inquiry, Thought, and Expression

Edited by Michael A. Norko, associate professor of psychiatry, and J. Patrick Hornbeck, associate professor of theology and medieval studies at Fordham University

(Fordham University Press)

This volume, like its companion, “Voices of Our Times,” collects essays drawn from a series of public conferences held in autumn 2011 titled “More than a Monologue.”

The series was the fruit of collaboration among four institutions of higher learning: two Catholic universities and two nondenominational divinity schools. The conferences aimed to raise awareness of and advance informed, compassionate, and dialogical conversation about issues of sexual diversity within the Catholic community, as well as in the broader civic worlds that the Catholic Church and Catholic people inhabit.

“Inquiry, Thought, and Expression” explores dimensions of ministry, ethics, theology, and law related to a range of LGBTQ concerns, including Catholic teaching, its reception among the faithful, and the Roman Catholic Church’s significant role in world societies. A series of essays on ministry explores various 
perspectives not frequently heard within the church. Marriage equality and the treatment of LGBTQ individuals by and within the Roman Catholic Church are considered from the vantage points of law, ethics, and theology. Themes of language and discourse are explored in analyses of the place of sexual diversity in church history, thought, and authority.

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