Yale Medicine magazine now both in-depth and interactive

After bringing news to the School of Medicine community for 61 years, Yale Medicine magazine has morphed into an interactive news and information source dedicated to emerging stories in medicine and biomedical science.

Beginning with the Winter 2014 issue, the redesigned Yale Medicine will devote each issue to an in-depth exploration of a single theme in science and medicine, with feature articles, interviews, photographs, commentary, historical material, and multimedia shedding light on the subject from different perspectives. The magazine also has an expanded website and an iPad app that includes video and additional content.

The inaugural issue examines the quickly expanding field of bioimaging. Advances in imaging technology over the last several decades have enabled an ever-more detailed view of the internal structures of organisms as well as their functions, from the level of molecules and cells to that of tissues, organs, and body. The issue explores the history of biomedical imaging and examines how scientists at Yale are developing new ways of seeing smaller and smaller structures.

Stories in this issue also report on how a urologist, a neurosurgeon, and a radiologist use new imaging technology to provide better patient care; describe core imaging facilities at the School of Medicine; and explore a debate in neuroscience: Can an fMRI reveal your political, moral, or philosophical leanings?

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