NPR’s Ari Shapiro to relate ‘Stories You Won’t Hear on the Radio’

Ari Shapiro, an award-winning journalist and correspondent for NPR, will come to Yale on Friday, Nov. 22 as a Poynter Fellow in Journalism.

Ari Shapiro

Shapiro, a Yale alumnus, will be the guest at a master’s title, where he will present a talk titled “Stories You Won’t Hear on the Radio.” His talk will take place at 3 p.m. in Davenport College, 248 York St. All are welcome.

After graduating magna cum laude from Yale in 2000, Shapiro began working at NPR in 2001. During his first few years at NPR, Shapiro worked for legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg, reporting from Atlanta, Miami, and Boston, among other locations. From there he moved on to covering the Justice Department.

More recently, Shapiro has worked as NPR’s White House correspondent, making him the first NPR reporter to be promoted to correspondent before the age 30. Shapiro’s stories have appeared on many NPR programs, including “All Things Considered”and “Morning Edition.” He also covered the 2012 presidential race for NPR.

Beginning in January 2014, Shapiro will move to London, where he will work as a foreign correspondent for NPR.

The Poynter Fellowship in Journalism was established by Nelson Poynter, who received his master’s degree in 1927 from Yale. The fellowship brings to campus journalists from a wide variety of media outlets who have made significant contributions to their field. Recent Poynter fellow include Jill Abramson, Nathaniel Rich, and James Bennet.