Inauguration reception honors excellence of Yale staff and faculty

As part of the celebration of the inauguration of Yale’s 23rd president, Peter Salovey, there was a reception on Oct. 10 for all staff and faculty.

The gathering, held on Old Campus due to the inclement weather, reflected Salovey’s “passion for the contributions made by all those who teach and work at Yale,” according to Kimberly Goff-Crews, university secretaru ad vice president for student life, who co-chaired the Inauguration Planning Committee with Daniel Harrison, the Allen Forte Professor of Music Theory.

“He values the excellence of faculty and staff — across all professions, disciplines, and occupations — and so he asked Dan, me, and our committee to begin this presidential inauguration celebration with a focus on the men and women who work at Yale,” she notes.

Above are photos from the event.

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