Yale Medical Group to provide orthopaedic care to Yale Health patients

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Yale Health Center (Photo by Michael Marsland)

Yale Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation will launch a new partnership with Yale Health, and will begin to serve the orthopaedic needs of all university health plan members starting in April 2014.

The announcement of the partnership was made by Dr. Paul A. Taheri, CEO of Yale Medical Group (YMG), Dr. Paul Genecin, director of Yale Health, and Dr. Gary Friedlaender, chair of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation.

 Over the past year, the three said, Yale Health and YMG, the multispecialty clinical practice of the Yale School of Medicine, have worked to solidify a partnership in patient care. They said the new affiliation reflects a global partnership in which YMG physicians will provide virtually all subspecialty care to Yale Health members.

“Yale Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation’s group of orthopaedic surgeons and physiatrists are looking forward to providing Yale Health members with comprehensive clinical services in all areas of musculoskeletal care,” Friedlaender said, noting that in recent years the group has been expanding its clinical practice, especially in the areas of pediatric care and sports medicine. Genecin and Friedlaender also expressed thanks to Yale-New Haven Hospital for its role in facilitating the partnership.

 Orthopaedic services at Yale Health are currently provided by Connecticut Orthopedic Specialists (COS). “We are grateful to the physicians of COS for the excellent care they have provided to our members,” Genecin said. “At the same time, we are pleased to have the opportunity to strengthen our relationship with our YMG partners in all areas of specialty care.”

For patients who need physical therapy, Genecin said, care will continue to be provided to Yale Health’s members by Temple Physical Therapy. He also noted that the upcoming Yale Health newsletter would be informing members about the change in orthopaedic care.

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