Citation for Yemurai Mangwendeza — James Andrew Haas Prize

Citation for Yemurai Mangwendez — James Andrew Haas Prize

Yemurai Mangwendeza graduates with Distinction in both her majors: African Studies and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies, having already been awarded the Steere Prize for the Yale senior essay that best exemplifies advanced scholarship gained by focusing on women or gender roles and/or by employing feminist theory in the essay.

Having come to New Haven from Harare, Zimbabwe, Ms. Mangwendeza has retained a deep connection to her homeland even as she has forged a sense of community at Yale in ways large and small. She has served as a member of the inaugural contingent of Consent and Communication Educators, as the outreach chair for the Women’s Leadership Initiative, and as a freshmen counselor for Calhoun College.

Five years ago she wrote, “When I have my degree, I want to return home and give others like me, the opportunity to rise above their personal limitations.” A young woman who keeps her word, she leaves Yale to begin her work with the African Leadership Academy where she will help to guide the next generation of the continent’s leaders.

For her excellent academic achievements and for the moral leadership she exhibits in everything that she does, Yale College is proud to bestow the James Andrew Haas Memorial Prize for 2013 upon Yemurai Mangwendeza.

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